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Great in 28: Video

Great in 28


28 Day Challenge

Do you need encouragement to change?  Have you felt so alone in your lifestyle change journey that you have wanted to give up?  Well don't!!  Join us as we embark on breaking old habits and creating new healthy habits in 2022​.     AHP will help you:

  • Maintain accountability through participant testimonials 

  • Send daily encouragement

  • Share your "wins" with the AHP community

Select at least 8 areas of focus

Areas of focus ideas:

  • Drink H20 (1/2 body weight in oz.)

  • Read 20 min per day

  • No social media

  • No Television

  • No Alcohol

  • 6 balanced meals

  • No snacking

  • Develop a budget

  • Return to a hobby

  • Develop a business plan

Must include a spiritual component

  • This is a critical portion of the challenge.  Examples:

  • Daily prayer

  • Daily devotion geared toward on of your areas of focus

  • Meditation and memorization of scripture

  • Fasting

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